The POINTAR Cardboard from DEXPERIO makes Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Apps available for all Smartphone Users

DEXPERIO Launches POINTAR Cardboard at LAVAL VIRTUAL 2015 Conference and Exhibition

Virtual worlds, 360° videos, games with a panoramic view but also serious applications for training, industry and information: new technologies for virtual-, augmented and mixed reality make it possible. The POINTAR Cardboard from DEXPERIO makes these experiences now available for all smartphone users.

DEXPERIO, a startup based in Munich and San Francisco was selected by the organizers of the biggest trade fair for Virtual Reality – the LAVAL VIRTUAL 2015 – from more than 40 startups to showcase its products in Laval in France to an interested audience and to the general public.

The POINTAR Cardboard is a virtual reality headset with which users can experience immersive and virtual worlds. It works with most of the common virtual and augmented reality apps from the various app stores. As the name suggests, the POINTAR Cardboard is made of cardboard, similar to corresponding products of other manufacturers. It works with any current smartphone and allows by the use of special lenses a stereoscopic view of the phones screen.

Thomas Fickert, CEO and founder of DEXPERIO says: 'We are very pleased being allowed to present our POINTAR Cardboard and our services to a broad and expert audience here at LAVAL VIRTUAL 2015. It is just the right place for VR/AR-Company to be.'

In contrast to cardboard and plastic solutions from other manufacturers, the POINTAR Cardbaord has some unique features:

  • The POINTAR Cardboard works with most popular smartphones on the market and comes therefore in three sizes: S, M and L.
  • Depending on the cardboard size different sized lenses are used to provide the best field of view.
  • The the The POINTAR Cardboard is surprisingly sturdy, it is also very light and thanks to a a headband and a face protection it offers an optimal wearing comfort.
  • Attractive design and in spite of the material "cardboard" in comparison sophisticated look.

The target group for the POINTAR Cardboard are gamers looking for a low-cost VR headset, users who want to try virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications without spending money for highend VR headets. In addition, DEXPERIO has also special offerings for companies and organizations who want to use POINTAR cardboards for marketing, demonstration or training purposes. For this DEXPERIO offers different adaptation and individualization packages, development of custom apps and content creation like stereoscopic 3d videos.

In addition to the POINTAR Cardboard DEXPERIO offers to developers a multi-platform SDK to easily create VR- and AR applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Prices and Availability

The POINTAR Cardboard will be available from the end of May for:

  • 19,95 EUR (size S, eg. for the iPhone 5),
  • 22,95 EUR (size M, eg. for the Samsung Galaxy S5) and
  • 24,95 EUR (size L, eg. for the Nexus 6)

More information on availability and preorders will be available soon on the POINTAR site: Send inquiries and questions to More about LAVAL VIRTUAL 2015:

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POINTAR is a registered trademark of DEXPERIO GmbH.

"We are very pleased being allowed to present our POINTAR Cardboard and our services to a broad and expert audience here at LAVAL VIRTUAL 2015. It is just the right place for VR/AR-Company to be" Thomas Fickert, CEO and Founder
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DEXPERIO develops and produces smart digital user experiences for entertainment, marketing and industrial use. For this, the Munich and San Francisco-based company uses the newest technologies and innovative media formats. From virtual, mixed and augmented reality to wearable tech, beacons and the Internet of Things. DEXPERIO is a think tank, agency and developer in one. Accordingly DEXPERIO offers consulting services for the industry and for marketing and ad agencies as well, as their own innovative developments. For example, the POINTAR Cardboard with which almost every common smartphone can be turned into a powerful virtual and augmented reality headset.